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"Seamless Seasons" is my big music & film project, which I started in 2018. I am releasing it step by step since 2024. In the end the whole thing will consist of:

2 music albums
with 15 long instrumental tracks, all composed, performed and produced by me, and

2 alpine-flight-films
with 15 flight-musicvideos for each and every song of my album.

This project can be defined in two ways - depending if you're more interested in music or mountains:
For "friends of the music" it's "music and musicvideos" and
for "friends of the mountains" it's "flight films with soundtrack-music".

With my flight musicvideos I visualized exactly what I always wanted to see by myself. What would it look like for a (standard) “4-seasons bird” that can fly through the alpine mountains of Vorarlberg/Austria throughout all 4 seasons? It shows the dream of flying in its “deluxe version” including constant changes of season.

After each „seasons cut“ the flight seamlessly continues on the same spot in the same perspective in another season. This allows the viewers to immerse themselves in the flight, right up to the feeling of flying themselves. Each of the 15 individual musicvideos starts exactly where the one before ended.

The movie I shot here in a very large number of small parts over a period of 6 years shows one single 2-hour long continuous flight from a bird's eye view from the alpine regions Arlberg via Verwall and Silvretta to Montafon and on a different route back again. Most of the flight goes through the alps in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg and some of it slightly across the "border" in Tirol/Austria and Graubuenden/Switzerland. 

For most recordings I used a 4K (UHD) camera drone (sometimes with assistance) plus I seamlessly added some "fake flight" scenes, which I actually shot using an action camera while I was on ski or mountainbike. It took me 6 years to film all this, because most of the filming locations were only accessible via long hikes, mountain(e)bike- or skitours, and I had to do most of the tours several times because I needed the locations in different seasons. Plus it wasn't easy to find all this time for so many film-tours and many planned filming days "drowned in bad weather". 

It was very important for me to produce instrumental music which can stand on its own and will also "work" without seeing the films or music videos. I always had the intention to make film music which does NOT really sound like film music.

The first of the two music albums "Seamless Seasons 1-7" is available on all major streaming and download platforms since May 2024 (see links below).

Interfool Shop IconAnd in June 2024 I also released the complete flight-film "Seamless Seasons 1-7". For this film I have set up my own "Interfool Webshop" where you can download the 53-minute film in 4 different resolutions (4K/UHD, 1080p HD, 720p HD, and SD PAL). An online shop for a single item - yes, there is such a thing!

(The webshop is currently in German language only but sells worldwide. Any modern internet browser can translate the texts automatically.)

I also released the first of the 7 flight music videos from "Seamless Seasons 1-7" entitled "Tannberg" on my YouTube channel. My current plan is to release one more of the 15 individual musicvideos every 3 month on YouTube.

With this timing I should arrive at my musicvideo number 8 "Tilisuna" in 2026. This will be the first song of my second album "Seamless Seasons 8-15", which I will release at the same time. And the accompanying flight-film "Seamless Seasons 8-15" will then be the second item in the Interfool webshop, which will literally double the range of items there.

And after that I will continue to release the remaining musicvideos one at a time. So it will take almost 4 years until all 15 musicvideos will also be released on YouTube.

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Seamless Seasons 1-7 
Album 53:21 Min. with 7 instrumental songs - see next chapter
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The songs & videos of the 1st half (Seamless Seasons 1-7):  

Tannberg Icon

1. Tannberg

7:16 Min. instrumental

Shot between 2018 and 2020.

The flight starts at the Butzensee lake between Lech and Schröcken and continues to Körbersee lake and Salober until the Auenfeld on the border to Lech on the Arlberg.


 Video on YouTube:

Madloch Icon

2. Madloch

8:34 Min. instrumental

Shot between 2018 and 2021.

The flight starts at the Auenfeld on the border to Schröcken and continues through the ski and hiking resort of Lech-Zürs through Zugertobel, Stierloch, Madloch and Muggengrat until Zürs on the Arlberg. This video may also have some "historic value" for skilift fans, because I included the old "Madlochbahn" and "Zugerbergbahn" chairlifts here, which are long gone. 

Valluga Icon

3. Valluga

7:56 Min. instrumental

Shot between 2019 and 2021.

The flight starts in Zürs on the Arlberg and continues through Ochsenboden, Valfagehr, Schindlergrat and Pazüeltal back to Zürs until the Flexenpass (which is actually one long flight in a circle around the mountain Valluga). I managed to include the legendary, old "Schindlergrat" chair lift (from St. Anton/Tirol) in this video, only a couple of days before it was taken down. 

Albona Icon4. Albona

8:37 Min. instrumental

Shot between 2020 and 2022.

The flight starts at the Flexenpass in Zürs and continues over the Albona to Schönverwalltal valley until the Langsee lake.



Verwall Icon5. Verwall

6:54 Min. instrumental

Shot between 2020 and 2021.

The flight starts at the Langsee lake and goes back to the Schönverwall valley. Then it continues by "collecting" all the beautiful mountain lakes in this area before ending at the Breitspitz in the Silvretta mountain region. Most of this flight goes through the Tirolian side of the Verwall area right on the border to Vorarlberg.


Silvretta Icon

6. Silvretta

7:18 Min. instrumental

Shot between 2020 and 2021.

The flight starts at the Breitspitz with a view to the Kopssee lake and continues over the Vallülajoch to the Silvretta lake and from there through the Bieltal, Ochsental and Klostertal valley until the Silvretta glacier at the Rote Furka.



Vermunt Icon

7. Vermunt

6:40 Min. instrumental

Shot between 2021 and 2022.

The flight starts at the Silvretta glacier at the Rote Furka and continues over the Litzner Sattel and the Hochmadererjoch to the back end of the Ganeratal valley at the Vergaldner Joch. 



Preview of the 2nd half (Seamless Seasons 8-15)

I already shot all of the 8 Videos of the second half in the years 2022 to 2024. But up to now I only have one of the 8 songs ready. It will take me approximately 2 years to produce the 7 remaining songs, so I expect that I can release the second half in 2026. 

As I already know all the song and video titles. Here are the 8 icons for it. I leave them in black and white as long as they remain unreleased:

sese song15sw